Government Agency for Child Protection

The Ministry of Welfare is the ultimate authority in matters of child protection. On behalf of the Ministry, the Government Agency for Child Protection is in charge of day-to-day administration of child protection services. The basic unit for child protection in Iceland is the child protection committee which is responsible for child protection services at the local level.

The primary role of the Government Agency for Child Protection is to co-ordinate and strengthen child protection work. By law it is required to:

  1. offer instruction and council to Child Protection Committees at the local level with regard to family welfare and the management of child protection cases,
  2. monitor the work of Child Protection Committees, through the review of annual reports and other means to be determined,
  3. supervise and monitor institutions and homes operated or supported by the government for children and youth,
  4. assist Child Protection Committees in finding suitable foster parents,
  5. support research and development work in the area of child protection,
  6. provide education and instruction concerning child protection

    The Government Agency for Child Protection is also responsible for the operation of specialized services in child protection. There are two principal services in operation: a center for investigation of child sexual abuse cases and treatment facilities for children and youth.

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For further information pleace call the Government Agency for Child Protection (Barnaverndarstofa) 530-2600

The telefon is open tuesdays and thursdays from 11 to 12 

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